We Offer You...

• Improvement of physical Health
• Building self-esteem and  strengthening
• Improvement of mental health            
• Self-confidence





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Vernon Valley Karate Academy

PAL Winterfest Tournament

The Vernon Valley Karate Academy hosted its annual Winterfest Karate Tournament on January 19th. 

Vernon Valley Karate Academy Leaders

Train in Washington DC

The Vernon Valley Karate Academy send six Black Belt members to train with students and instructors from the Virginia Okinawan Karate Dojo in Washington DC on August 2, 2019. 

KARATE Not Just For Kids

 Classes are currently scheduled mornings, evenings, saturday and sundays to specifically meet the needs of beginning students. If you find you cannot make certain classes you are still invited to enter into any of our other scheduled classes.

Come and discover what karate can offer you. Meet the people who have entered into our program and found that it perfectly met their individual needs. Karate is an activity that shares both the benefit of developing an individuals competence while sharing the support and camaraderie that only karate can provide.


Attaining a Black Belt in karate requires a substantial sacrifice. Such an achievement is similar to qualifying for an Olympic Team, earning an Eagle Scout award, or performing a music recital at a prestigious venue. Ask an Olympic gymnast about the dedication and countless hours of preparation necessary to perform at that level. Investigate the commitment and sense of responsibility that drives the few who attain the level of Eagle Scout. Can you for one second believe that someone who has not practiced, skipped lessons, and harbored a lackadaisical attitude toward music would have the competence to perform a recital before a large critical audience? Of course not! Lofty goals are not easily attained. Substantial commitment of time, practice and effort is required. Such goals must be paid for in sweat, perseverance, and sacrifice. Failure to pay the price results in failure to achieve the goal. This is common sense; this is a fact of life!