The Dojo Experience
Ed Lyden Jr.

 I just want to say thanks to Vernon Valley karate for there outstanding programs they do for children . My son Shane started out in the Ranger program 5 years ago and is now in the junior program and doing well ! He has achieved the rank of black belt by attending classes 4 days a week. Sensei Tom Shull had many years as a school teacher and that shines through in his teachings ! He is very active in the community and charitable organizations and has an awesome staff . I highly recommend his school to any parent looking for there child to learn better discipline , respect , confidence . These are things yours truly learned serving 6 years in the US Navy . Best wishes Sensei Tom and your staff .

Julianne Vigiletti

Summer is my favorite time of year! Not just because I’m a school teacher and I get to be off for two months but because I get to spend extra time with my family at Vernon Valley Karate. My family and I get to spend time doing something we all love to do together. Our story began one day in March of 2012. My husband and I set out to find an activity we thought our 4 year old son would enjoy. Christopher took to karate right away. Each week we watched Christopher in his karate class. His 5 year old sister, Sophia, looked on with interest and soon she began taking lessons. A month later, all four of us were signed up to take karate and we haven’t stopped. Many belts later, we continue to grow and learn from Sensei Tom Shull and his amazing black belts and students.I can truly say my children are having a great time taking karate. They have made new friends and karate certainly has boosted their confidence level. As a mom, I know that I’m doing something very special for my children. I’m providing them with an opportunity to feel “safe, strong, and free.”Soon it will be time to go back to school but that will not stop the Vigiletti family from keeping up with karate. We will continue to work hard and train at VVKA. As for me, I plan on making one of my life long dreams a reality. That’s getting a black belt of course!

S. Thomas Summers (Author-Professor of Philosophy, Literature, and Writing)

Sussex County friends - as soccer season greets its end, and you're looking for a winter activity for your children, please consider karate at Vernon Valley Karate Academy. My son, Garrett, has been attending VVKA for just over two years. As a student, yes, he has learned karate, but he has learned so much more. He has learned the value of self-respect and why it's important to respect others. He has gained self-confidence. He has discovered the worth and rewards of discipline and commitment. Additionally, he has matured under the tutelage of instructors who genuinely care for him, who want him to succeed in karate, but also, and more importantly, in life. Our experience at VVKA has and continues to be wonderful.

The Klimash Family 

Our time at Vernon Valley Karate has been an outstanding experience for our kids...and our family. Sensei Shull is second to none and his staff is incredible. They are down to earth, engaged and genuinely care about their students.